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About Wadebridge Group

Wadebridge Beekeeping Group was founded in 1948 and is part of the Cornwall Beekeepers Association. We welcome anyone with an interest in beekeeping to come to our summer meetings at the group’s teaching apiary on the outskirts of Wadebridge to learn what happens in a hive and have hands-on experience of handling bees.

During the winter months when no practical beekeeping is possible the group holds meetings at St.Kew Highway Village hall
(just off the A39) near Wadebridge each month, usually on the fourth Wednesday, when guest speakers give talks on various beekeeping subjects. The group’s annual Honey Show is held at the September meeting and the AGM is held in February. Membership of the group is free but a small donation is appreciated for funds. The group has a small library and books can be borrowed by members.

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Further Information


For more information about the Wadebridge group please contact:

Chair:​​ Chair.wbka@gmail.com 

Secretary:​ secretaryofwbka@gmail.com