Welcome to the Cornwall Beekeepers Association

Our aim for the future is to better promote all aspects of beekeeping in Cornwall and to help bring the craft into the 21st century, whilst continuing to address the ever-increasing difficulties and threats faced, directly and indirectly, by honeybees.

We offer all new and potential members an insight into beekeeping by encouraging them to join us at our apiary meetings, to learn more through our education programmes, and to get involved with the running of CBKA – as an association, we can never hope to grow or adapt to changing circumstances without the valuable input and fresh ideas of new and enthusiastic members.

We encourage those who are interested to get to know beekeepers local to them by joining one or more of the member local groups, thus fostering a sense of community and ensuring that years of accumulated knowledge and expertise is passed on to the beekeepers of tomorrow.

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Photo of honey bee by Kai Wendell

Cornwall’s Beekeepers Association – learn more about bees

The Cornwall Beekeepers’ Association (CBKA) is a charity affiliated to the British Beekeepers’ Association (BBKA) which represents beekeepers across the whole of the UK.

Our Association is made up of eight groups across the county, excluding the far west of Cornwall. You can become a member of any group you wish, depending upon your own location or preference, but can attend any other groups if you want to as a member of CBKA.

News and events

News on upcoming CBKA and other beekeeping events in Cornwall, including our Bit of a Do ’22 and the Callington Honey Fair. We also have photos from past events.

Bees returning to their hive

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Visit our Contact us page for our committee and group contacts.

Bees returning to their hive